St Rexx High School

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St Rexx High School is a co-educational school catering for the educational needs of both boys and girls. The school is conveniently located on the river within the Chaldean Catholic Archeparchy of Mosul.

Our curriculum is based on traditional values and emphasises our key qualities of inclusiveness, loyalty, trust, diligence, hard work, equal opportunities, self-reflection, punctuality, selflessness, aspiration, and expressiveness. We also teach sport.

Based on our newly-built, purpose-designed, multi-storey, traditionally-roofed buildings, the school campus is within walking distance of most of its pupils, yet is also easily accessible by public transport, by yacht or by helicopter.

Take a tour of our campus:

New Biology Pond

Good Road Access

Science Block

Humanities Block

Ample Parking Spaces

Modern Sporting Facilities

Illustrious Allumni