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James Manning James Manning - Founder & Public Relations & Media Director

A heavyweight PR professional, James’ experience ranges from direction of international corporate and product launches to local community campaigns and advice on how to handle crises. His days as a reporter have given him a nose for a story and several of his clients have won awards, which are directly attributable to awareness and perceptions generated by media coverage. His nose has been broken so often playing rugby that it's fortunate it's good for something.

Dave Price David Price - Founder & Marketing Director

David, M2's marketing guru, started his career as a marketing manager at Peugeot with responsibility for accessories and own brand goods. He was part of the team who launched Motaquip, Peugeot's all makes parts division developing a national retail strategy for successful rollout of 3000 new product lines.

He then moved into training and development producing courses for global consumption, before crossing into management consultancy for blue chips. Talking of blue, David is passionate about a Premiership football team and fishing. While he wins silverware each season for his angling prowess he awaits the same from his favourite soccer team.

David Sturgeon David Sturgeon - Financial Director

David has acted world-wide in a succession of senior financial management roles with manufacturing and distribution companies. He brings a strong fiscal dimension to the agency and when his fingers are not flying over the calculator they are turning green in his garden which would make many TV gardeners change colour with envy.

Helen Neuenhaus Helen Neuenhaus - Account Manager

Helen was a newspaper reporter, before crossing over into Public Relations, joining the Saatchi & Saatchi group of consultancies. She subsequently moved 'in-house' for a number of blue chips, including Adams Childrenswear and professional services firms. Helen’s winning ways as a serious ‘comper’ enables her to readily explain in no more than twelve words why agency clients grab the headlines.

Doug Taylor Doug Taylor – IT & Internet Strategies Manager

What can one say about someone who was offered an unconditional place at Cambridge at the tender age of sixteen that he cannot say for himself? An academic who has spent years lecturing and teaching at all levels, he has a strong grasp of commercial reality and an inexhaustible knowledge of the web, networks, databases and comms.

Rachel Sims Rachel Sims - Direct Mail & Telemarketing Consultant

An experienced marketing administrator, Rachel’s expertise is executing effective direct mail and telemarketing campaigns. She has an unerring instinct for the tack which will convert the prospect into bottom line return and is known for the speed with which she passes red hot information to the clients. There again, she should know about passing as she was a football WAG.

Sharon Surplice Sharon Surplice - Telemarketing & New Business Consultant

Sharon is skilled in finding ways around receptionists and PAs who think their mission is to shield their charges from telemarketers. She's also skilled at finding her way to the bar when it's her round.

Andy Gaucher Andy Gaucher - Creative Director

Andy has wide ranging expertise in the creation of persuasive images and designs. His concepts and executions in print, broadcast and web media have benefited companies the world over via increased recognition, appreciation and opportunities to do business. He enjoys nocturnal working, which is just as well as his young daughter also likes the night shift.

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